We develop an Artificial Intelligence engine that reads books the way a human would and recommends books that 'feel' similar to it.

At Booksai, we take a more holistic and neuroscience-inspired approach
to teaching machines how to understand books, that is not based on traditional semantic technologies.

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-Beyond 'Also Bought'
-Future Of Metadata
-Our Technology
-Long-tail activation
BOOKSAI - AI Driven Book Discovery

Our technology analyzes only the book contents and has no idea about sales ranks, purchasing history, metadata and other people's opinions.
It can sense more delicate mood and hidden connections between different books and gives completely different results compared to the traditional recommendation systems.

An alternative and a possible addition to them.

Hologram-like, literary 'fingerprint', containing lots of elements of author's text which hard to define, but vital for understanding the book essence.

The best companion to traditional metadata and foundation of Metadata 2.0
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